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3 Appetizer Ideas For Winter To Make 3 Appetizer Ideas for winter

3 Appetizer Ideas For Winter To Make

Winter weather in Lahore asks for something warm in the belly and yet tantalizing on the palate. Entertaining guests this haze filled season is often tricky as there is so much to offer in terms of fresh produce and flavors.

As one of the best providers of catering in Lahore, we suggest you offer the best of the season as appetizers. This way your guests nibble away on good food for the entirety of the event.

 Here are 3 appetizer ideas for winter.

1- Festive Sea Food Platters

The goal behind any appetizer must be to compliment the entire menu and to start the festivities on a perfect note. Ideally, seafood platters work well in winters as they offer a variety of umami flavors. They are easy to toned up or down depending on the meal that follows next.

Festive seafood platters are a signature menu item at ‘Crave’. They are easy on the eyes yet are loaded with delicious flavors. From prawns and shrimps resting on fresh greens to swimming in decadent sauces, they are always a big hit.

2- Cheese Boards

When the party is big, cheese boards are sure to guarantee a flood of big smiles and tasty bites. Good food is equally about passion for flavor as it is about scrumptious taste. Cheese boards tick both boxes effortlessly.

At Crave we curate the latest in seasonal treats. We mix and match mouth-watering combinations of both salty and sweet treats for a delicious spread fit for a party.

Our cheese boards are put together for effortless snacking. We load up on imported cheese, crispy crackers, fresh salads, fruits, and lean meats. When you need a delicious start to a fantastic meal, choose cheese boards as they offer the best of everything.

3- Soups

If whetting the appetite of your guests is your goal, then opt for a variety of delicious and steaming hot soups. They suit both young and old guests alike.

Soups also offer a light yet satisfying savory flavor that works well with steaks, grilled meat, or skewers without ruining the appetite for richer items on the menu.

Final Thoughts

 At crave, we offer a variety of soups with a velvety smooth texture that keeps your guests asking for more. In fact, the savor of our garlic soup works ideally with our live BBQ station too.

If you have been struggling to get the best food in town or catering in Lahore, then fret not. Give us a call at 03221413954 or 03111444408.