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why you should host Iftar party with Crave the carterers?

Ramadan is the most beautiful time of year filled with spirituality and connecting with family and friends. There is something in the air th....

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Top Reasons to Keep Different Menu on Baraat and Mehndi Events

The old saying goes like, “Don’t mess with what is already perfect”. CRAVE stands by that notion completely, yet we beg to differ when it comes....

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Gender Reveal Party: Here is what You Need on the Menu

Gender Reveal Parties are all the craze these days. Parents to-be are excited about sharing their good news with a grand gesture. When there is....

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3 Top Trends for Corporate Catering

Whether you are a big company owner or a startup, a splendid corporate catering is an ideal way to quickly impress clients and cheer your emplo....

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In a time where Instagram dictates what is worthy of being at your wedding, elevating events with memorable catering services has become a norm....

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4 Catering Ideas for PSL Party

This year things are different yet nothing is close to dampening our excitement for PSL 2021. If you are also planning to throw a PSL 2021 watc....

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3 Ways Crave Is Catering to the New Normal After COVID-19

It is no surprise that hospitality industry is one of the most hit by the pandemic. The new normal asks for a complete overhaul of practices that....

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3 Top Valentine Catering Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day dedicated to your most loved one, where you get to spoil them. What better way than to surprise them with a themed val....

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4 Quick Tips for Selecting Caterers | A Complete Guideline

Leaving catering in the hands of professionals leaves little room for mishaps. However choosing the right caterers in Lahore is a colossal task i....

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